QUALITY is our motto

We have been operating in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 since 2006.
We implemented ISO 14001:2015 in year 2023.
ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certificate

We have implemented procedures

which guarantee the highest quality of the details we produce
Ongoing measurement of details during the production process
We have four measuring chambers and we have high-quality measuring equipment
We deliver details with a measurement protocol and material certificate
We have implemented procedures to eliminate non-compliance of products
We constantly train employees

Measuring instruments

Coordinate measuring machines

XO 55 (X=500,Y=700, Z=500),
XO 87 (X=800, Y=1000, Z=700),
XO 107 (x=1000,Y=2000,Z=700)

HELIOS 350H outline projector


Measuring arm

6-axis NIKON MCA24M6
(range 2000mm, accuracy 0.03mm)


EDX Explorer 5000


TRIMOS Mestra Touch (0-300mm),
Mitutoyo LH-600E (0-927mm)

Roughness gauges

Mitutoyo SJ-201P,
Mitutoyo SJ-210,

ISO-2000FN coating thickness measuring instrument

0-200 Fe/0-800Nfe

Quality policy

Our aim is to ensure that the products we deliver and the services we provide meet all the current and future needs and expectations of our customers.

We want to be among the most reliable, innovative and credible companies that provide comprehensive services in the field of precision metalworking.

The rich and modern machinery park ensures fast and precise execution of orders. Our machine park is supervised and regularly renovated by a qualified maintenance department, which ensures consistent quality of the manufactured products.

The high quality of our products is achieved in the supervised conditions of the production process, in its full cycle, and in particular in supervising:

Staff qualifications
Machines and devices
Production instrumentation and measuring instruments
Work environments in production rooms and storage areas
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